What’s the difference between good photography and professional photography?

There is good photography and there is professional photography and the difference is astounding.

Good photography seems like it should get the job done but is always a little disappointing. With the evolution of smart phone cameras and lens options like iPhone’s portrait setting, it. seems that many folks have decided to become their own photographer.  In this situation, you are doing your clients a disservice, and are selling your professional self short.   If you promise your clients a level of professionalism in marketing, shooting your own images with your phone is not going to support your claim as top notch.

A professional photographer understands lighting and angles, balance and space.  A professional photographer has invested thousands of dollars, much more than the iPhone 10, into their equipment, lenses, tripods and such.  A professional photographer makes their career out of understanding and learning how to see a space and make it shine, how to balance the lighting to get a crisp view out the window allowing the potential customer to see what the seller sees every time they look out the window.  A professional photographer sees things a little differently and captures the essence of a home, not just the layout and the furniture.

There is professional photography, and then there is “Elevated” photography.  With Elevated Coastal Productions, we take professionalism up a few notches.  Our team of photographic artists have one job, and that is to make your listing present as beautifully as possible.  We elevate professionalism across all levels of business, from customer relations and client relations, to the most courteous and polite behavior with your sellers, we use the most advanced equipment including drone footage for amazing aerial shots and software options to virtually stage an empty home.

The numbers don’t lie.  Homes that are photographed by Elevated Coastal Productions sell faster and for a larger percentage of list price.  You are not only serving your clients to the best available, you are setting yourself up for success as your happy clients will tell their friends how professionally and efficiently you sold their house.

Here’s to Elevated Photography and Happy Customers.